Thursday, November 11, 2004

Polar express

Polar express is one of my favorite stories.
I read this story when I was a freshman in the university.
And I really like it.
Polar express is a book for children but Ialso think it suits adult.
I'm so happy to see it become a movie!!
The movie strats in theaters on Novmeber 10.
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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

5 Days In Beijing

Beijing opera

Beijing was declared the capital city in 1057 BC. Beijing City,which is situated in the northeastern part of China,is the capital city in China now. The climate in Beijing is of the continental type, with cold and dry winters (-4 Celsius)and hot summers (26 Celsius). You can check the weather & clothes. This Ferburay my friend and I visited Beijing for 5 days,we really had a good time there. Beijing is a beautiful city which combines different faces, especially history and modern culture. We visited a lot of famous places in Beijing in 5 days,likes Forbidden City,the Great Wall,Tian'anmen,The Summer Palace,Temple Of Heaven and so on.Chech here you can see the detail of these attractions.

Population in Beijing is about 12 million.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

My favorite band in my conutry

My favorite band in my country is MayDay.
There are 5 guys (they are also good friends)in this group, and they play their own rock music. All songs that they play are created by themselves. In addition,these songs are very popular in Asia. Beside their songs,I also admire their friendship. It always lets me think about my good friends in senior high school. Some of songs remind me about the happy time in that period. If you are instereted, MayDay's official website is here.